Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stone Walk



Lee Ping said...

They probably laid this in blocks rather than individual stones, right?

wmw said...

But it sure looks like they paved the road first and put in the stones one by one....don't look like blocks to me.

Lee Ping said...

I like your ear icon!

Is that you? If so, you have beautiful ear. Very hip with those ear rings.

wmw said...

haha...yes, that is my right ear. Thanks for saying it's beautiful. How do you rate the beauty of a ear??? I have four earrings on my right and two on my left. I think I like this ear icon as compared to the one with my face! :o)

Lee Ping said...

You asked, "How do you rate the beauty of a ear???"

I rate it as beautiful because it is pleasing to my eyes.

Remember my question, "Is that you?" I associate beauty, in this case, beauty of a ear, with the person. Although I have never seen you personally, I know that you are a compassionate person, from blood donation to remembering your friend's one year death anniversary and your recent tribute article for your father.