Monday, November 13, 2006

No Business

With the dark clouds and the impending rain, the boats can't set sail. Would have loved to take a cruise out for more photos!

FYI : I'll be going for a minor eye operation later I was told in layman's term that they will be removing a sponge from my right eye. I had an operation end May this year due to retina detachment. The sponge was put into my eye to aid the healing of the retina. Thank goodness the retina is healed but the sponge has somewhat dislodged and now has to be taken out. If the retina was still not back in place, I would have had to undergo major eye surgery again! Well, it's okay, if some of you are wondering how come I can still blog all this while, I do touch typing and only look at the monitor to spell check and do links. Hope to be able to post soon...depending on doctor's advice. But anyway, I guess I'll just be doing even more touch typing for the next week or so. See you all soon...

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photo-effe said...

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