Sunday, October 08, 2006


Taken at 6.03pm
Exposure -1 Mode:Scenery

With the recent haze, it was a pleasant surprise to have a day of blue skies yesterday. The sun was out and I could see the clouds against the blue sky. Alas, it was only a short reprieve. The haze is back again today.


photo-effe said...

really a bright scenary, great view

yanty said...

Oh yeah. Saturday's such a beautiful day, beautiful sky, beautiful clouds, beautiful moon. But today it's like being in Cameron without the nice feeling of actually being there :D

Beautiful shot btw, and I guess taken from your place.

wmw said...

Photo-effe: It was too bright, I decided to cut down on exposure or the clouds effects would have been gone.

Yanty: Thanks, yes, it was taken out from my bedroom window!